Floor Care: Strip and Wax

To make your floor appears new, cleaner, and last longer, Green Zone Cleaning can schedule a maintenance program that fit your budget.

Trip and Sealing

Removal of old floor finish and thorough out cleaning the bare floor surface, and reapplication of a new finish/sealing to protect the floor which brings back your floor to life

Buffing or Burnishing

Restores shine to finished floors to keep them looking at their best. Depending on the traffic and requirements of the facility, we advise quarterly buffing or burnishing for low traffic areas semi to monthly for more frequently used area

Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning service is advisable to extend the life of your carpet and to keep it looking clean and professional. While there are several options for carpet cleaning, Green Zone Cleaning use only steam cleaning along with eco-friendly chemicals.


Green Zone Cleaning use hot-water extraction common known as steam-cleaning to safely deep clean carpets. First the carpet is pre-sprayed with carpet cleaning solution. The hot water extractor sprays boiled water onto the carpet via high pressure jets in a wet vacuum wand, removing dirt and odors and killing germs in the process. It is very important that the moisture is not left in the carpeting because mold and mildew can result.

Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly and is an effective way to remove dust mites and other organisms that may be living in your carpet.

Expertise in Green Cleaning

To clean your facility, Green Zone Cleaning uses green equipment and chemicals that are more efficient and environmentally-friendly products that are not only good for the environment; they are also good for your office and your employee well-being.

You Benefit From:

Improved Overall Health of your Organization - Green Zone Cleaning knowledge of advanced cleaning techniques and equipment which help reduce dust, bacteria, mold, pollen and other allergens. These techniques and equipment may improve the overall indoor air quality, minimize risk from exposure to residual cleaning chemicals and minimize cross contamination. The overall indoor air quality improvement minimizes risk from cross contamination, exposure to pathogens and residual cleaning.

Minimized Environmental Impact - Green-certified or environmentally-friendly chemicals reduce packaging waste, and minimize water usage and introduction of harmful chemical components into the atmosphere.

Economic Benefits - If you or your organization has enacted recycling programs to reduce costs, consider how Green Zone Cleaning program might help complete your efforts.

24-Hour Customer Service

Green Zone Cleaning provides 24-Hour Customer Service and 7 days a week during the whole year.
We can be reached by SMS, a phone call, fax or by email.